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Sree Narayana College,
Punalur, Kollam,
Kerala – 691305.
Phone:0475 2222635, 3258895
E-mail:[email protected]
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Associations & Clubs
Anti-Women Harassment Cell
To facilitate a gender-sensitive and congenial working environment in the college so that the female staff and students are not subjected to gender specific discrimination or sexual harassment. Each such incident (of harassment) infringes the fundamental right of a woman to gender equality under Article 14 of the Constitution of India and her right to life and live with dignity under Article 21 of the Constitution. Section 509, IPC deals with “word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman” and permits appropriate action against the offender.
Name of Committee Convenor Members
Anti-Women Harassment Cell Dr. Raji Raghavan Dr. Shiny Mathews
Departmental Associations

The different Departments of the college have their own Departmental Associations to promote co-curricular activities and academic and artistic talents of the students by organizing competitions, seminars, cultural activities, workshops etc. Each departmental association is managed by the respective Head of the Department, who acts as the staff consultant. The students elect the corresponding secretary for each association by casting votes during college union elections.

Association Staff Consultant Secretary
English Prof. T.N. Mohanan Niju – I BA
History Dr. S. Unnikrishnan Kannan – I BA
Mathematics Prof. K. Rajan Arya Krishna – III BSc
Physics Prof. N. Komalakumari Vibhu – III BSc
Chemistry Dr. M. Thankamony Ajeesh Raj – III BSc
Zoology Dr. Raji Raghavan Vishnu J    – II BSc
Commerce Prof. K. Monachan Venugopal V – III B Com
Youth represents exhuberance and vitality, enthusiasm and delight, curiosity and rebellion. The fiery energy raging within the youth when channelized in a positive direction, often leads to novel expressions of creative output, very often beneficial to the society.  The clubs play a seminal role in providing arenas for the expression of this latent energy in various forms. Every student has the choice of joining a club of his/her taste. Each club functions under the guidance of a convener and a committee of three or more teachers. The various clubs are
Red Ribbon Club

Despite the high rate of literacy, Kerala is far behind, when compared with the other states in the country, with respect to the percentage of voluntary blood donation. It is necessary that people realize blood donation as their responsibility.  With this aim, under the guidance of Kerala State AIDS Control Society (KSACS), Red Ribbon Club has been formed in the College, with effective donor education as its motto.  Any student can join in this programme.

Prof. Shibu T. (Department of History) is in charge of this programme. The staff members are Dr. B. Hari (Zoology), Prof. Dancy Surendran (Chemistry) and Prof. Raji V (Chemistry).

Bhoo Mithra Sena Club

The new scheme “Bhoo Mithra Sena” programme was launched in 2009 by the Department of Environment, Government of Kerala, under the Environmental Education and Awareness Plan, to strengthen the commitment of college students towards environmental protection. Through this programme it is intended to take up environmental protection activities cum awareness programmes at the grass-root level, ensuring participation of local people. The Bhoo Mithra Sena Club (BMC) of our College has conducted several activities including seminars, essay competitions, planting of trees in the campus etc. in the last year. Any student can join in this programme.

In accordance with the suggestions from the meeting on Food Security State Level Campaign and as per the request of the Director of the Directorate of Environment and Climate Change, Thiruvananthapuram, the BMC of Sree Narayana College, Punalur plans to adopt traditional cultivation and organic farming as the focal theme of its activities in 2011-2012, in addition to addressing local environmental issues. This attains more significance in the light of the present pressure on the people of Kerala to become self-reliant, by raising their own homestead gardens, the only means to have an uninterrupted supply of nutritious vegetables free from chemical pollution and also to increase the per capita income of our small but beautiful state.

Prof. A.J. Lekha (Department of Botany) is in charge of this programme. The staff members are Dr. B. Hari (Zoology), Prof. Dancy Surendran (Chemistry) and Prof. Raji V (Chemistry).

Health Club

Heath Club aims to make the students aware about several health-related aspects such as improved hygiene, need for proper use of pure water, safe disposal of wastes, environmental sanitation etc. It provides the student community with the opportunity to practice and share the attributes of a healthy lifestyle through regular educational sessions dealing with different health topics, as the health of a person is the health and wealth of the family and society. It is open to all students interested in health-related fields of study.  

Name of Club Convenor Members


Heath Club


Dr. Shiny Mathews

Prof. Biji M.S
Prof. Pradeep S.
Prof.. Shibitha Thampi
Prof..Asha C.L
Debate Club

Debates on relevant issues help to encourage the democratic exchange of ideas between the student communities, thereby enhancing their literary skills. The students become well-versed in delivering public speeches, attending group discussions on contemporary issues etc. The main aim of the club is to produce competent debaters. Inter-collegiate debate and elocution competitions provide the students with the opportunity to prove their competence.

Name of Club Convenor Members


Debate Club


Prof. N. Komalakumari

Dr. Sankar S
Prof. Maheshkumar V.
Prof. Praveen T.K
Dr. Arun S.Prasad
Science Club

Science club provides an exposure to the students, teachers and public about the rapid advancements in the field of science and inculcates the spirit of scientific observation and learning in them. This is achieved through classes, seminars, workshops, quiz competitions, essay competitions, public awareness programmes etc. Such programmes give them a bird’s eye view of the exponential pace at which scientific knowledge is exploding into newer realms. Students and teachers interested in scientific developments are eligible to become members of the club.

Name of Club Convenor Members

  Science Club

  Prof. S. Sankar

Prof. N. Komalakumari
Prof. Praveen K.H
Prof. Arunima R.
Dr. Arun S.Prasad
Environmental Activities /Nature club

The Environmental Activities Club functions with the aim of enhancing environmental awareness among students, by organising classes, seminars, training programmes, competitions etc. It strives to make them realize the gravity of the various threats hovering around us, threatening our very existence. Sadly many of these threats are the result of our own greed and selfishness, and unless we curtail such destructive tendencies and learn to utilize our natural resources sustainably, we stand to see our own young ones suffer, for we have so selfishly ‘borrowed’ their tomorrow.

Name of Club Convenor Members
Environmental Activities/Nature Club


Prof. Lekha.

Dr. Raji Raghavan
Prof. Divya Sadasivan
Prof. Dancy Surendran
Prof. Jasmine Rose
Dr. Gopan Raj
Human Rights Forum

Human Rights Forum infuses the spirit of empathy in the students and staff, making them aware of their value, dignity and rights as human beings. Empathy to others helps one to respect the integrity of another person, including his or her personal freedom. Such an awareness is very essential for the smooth existence of a civilized society. The forum organises lectures, workshops, seminars and debates to cultivate and promote the culture of human rights, and instilling secular and democratic values in the students.

Name of Club Convenor Members

  Human Rights Forum

  Dr. S. Y. Ganga

Prof. Mariyamma Varghese
Prof. Raji V.
Prof. Pradeep S
Prof. Anilakumari R
Sports Club

Sports Club aims at the overall development of the physique, athletic talent and sportsmanship of the student members. It provides an array of leisure time sports and activities like Athletics, Cricket, Foot Ball, Badminton, Kabaddi, Chess, Cross-Country Race, Basketball etc. The well-equipped gymnasium in the college caters to the needs of both staff and students. Such activities are expected to enhance the students’ overall well-being and physical stamina.

Name of Club Convenor Members
Sports Club Prof. R. Santhosh Prof.  Monachan K
Prof. T.Shibu
Theatre Club

The Theatre club focuses on enhancing the artistic inclination of the students to theatre arts and fine-tuning their histrionic talents. It imparts theatre education and emphasizes on character interaction, personal growth, professional preparatory training and community involvement. It also exposes the students to outside professional theatre groups through workshops, in which they can get accommodated with the recent trends in acting techniques and vocational skills. Such exposures are expected to ensure success in future artistic endeavours.

Name of Club Convenor Members


Theatre Club


Prof. T.N. Mohanan

Prof. Reshmi Ravendran
Prof. Deepthy P.S
Prof. Aswathy Chandrabhanu
Prof. Liju K. Lekshmanan
Planning Forum

The Planning Forum is mainly concerned with spreading awareness about affairs that concern our world today, among the students. It organizes invited lectures on current affairs from eminent personalities and this provides the students an opportunity to interact directly with people who wield the power to change our society. It also develops the skills of planning in the student, making them aware about the importance of planning both in everyday life and in uplifting the society with a clear vision of future prospects and pitfalls.

Name of Club Convenor Members
Planning Forum Prof. Babykutty Y Prof. Divya Sadasivan
Prof. Pradeep S
Prof. Kavitha K.S
Women’s Study Unit

The Women’s Study Unit provides a platform for the girl students and lady teachers to interact and exchange their views with eminent women from various fields. The major focus is women empowerment as it is the mother who leaves a major imprint in her child with her warmth, confidence, patience, strength and love. The invited lectures may range from history, economics, science, health and art to other disciplines, to study the lives of women. The unit promotes women's studies through seminars, discussions, teaching and extension. It also looks into matters relating to harassment of women in the campus.

Name of Club Convenor Members
Women’s Study Unit Dr. M. Thankamony Dr. Shiny Mathew
Prof. Jasmine Jose
Prof. Mariyamma Varghese
Prof. K.S. Kavitha
Prof. Anilakumari R
Media Club

Media first used to refer to the newspapers as a means of communication, currently refers to an array of communication facilities including the radio, television, films, newspapers, magazines etc. Mobile phones, computers and the internet form the “New-age Media”. Thus media is the most powerful with immense potential for educating and enlightening society.

The Media Club arranges invited lectures, seminars and workshops on modern journalistic trends and techniques. The students get a chance to learn more about the media industry by interacting with and listening to the eminent personalities in various fields related to media. Through the preparation of various theatre forms and audio/video cassettes, the students develop the basic skills in designing, animation, multimedia, publications etc., in addition to improving their skills of communication.

Name of Club Convenor Members
Media Club Prof. Aswathy Chandrabhanu Smt. Beena P
Prof. Prof. Reshmi Ravendran
Prof. Lilin V. Bhaskeran
Prof. Dancy Surendran
Tourism Club
Name of Club Convenor Members
Tourism Club Prof. Santhosh  R Prof. Lekha A.J
Dr. Raji Raghavan
Prof. Mahesh Kumar V
Literary Club
Name of Club Convenor Members
Literary Club Prof. Monachan  K Prof. Shibu T
Prof. Reshmi Ravendran
Prof. Aswathy Chandrabhanu
Prof. Biji M.S
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